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As an  Esthetician, Skincare Chemist, and Yoga Intstructor/Practitioner with a basic education in Ayurvedic medicine, my mission is simple: create luxurious, conscience skincare that is high quality, organic, effective, good for the consumer and good for Mother Earth.  

The skin is an inherently self-healing and a resilient machine. When supported with deeply nourishing skincare formulas, a gentle, loving touch and healthy lifestyle choices - it will transform.

Commercial products are made up of very harmful chemicals that are extremely damaging on a cellular level. These chemicals are not only unhealthy for the consumer, they are also toxic to the environment. Corporate cosmetics companies pour vast amounts of harmful ingriediants into their skincare to keep their cost low (usually selling it to consumers for outrageously high prices) and because, to date, there is little to no required testing, monitoring of health effects, or even labeling requirements to prevent them from doing so, the general public is often unaware of their usage entirely. 

As an honest alternative to harmful substances, Trisha Watson Studio has turned to nature for the answers. t|w skincare is dedicated to environmental sustainability, uses natural, organic and fair trade ingriediants that are proven to work.

Without the use of heavy machinery, products are hand bottled in clean, helathy 100% recycled glass with a whole lot of love. Rather than flashy packaging that ultimately winds up in a landfill, you will find, a sleek, simplistic design that has a minimal environmental impact and is easily recyclable.